Timber Genre

Wood is a common choice as a flooring material due to its enviromental profile, durability, and restorability. The beauty of real hardwood is nothing if it does not bring joy and warmth into your life. The real beauty must be experienced. The feeling that you get when you look at it, walk upon it, sit on it… the warmth, the solid sensual texture, full of life. Wood for building was popular in the New World because it was so prevalent, it could by used for framing, wall, built in furniture, ceiling and floor. Life is in every piece of wood from the moment it start growing, naturally spaced grains, growth rings and colour affected by the seasons, character brought on by aging, weather and the environment.


  Timber species




IPE Walnut American walnut
Cherry Brazillian teak
Patagonian walnut Canadian Beech
Indian Rosewood Wenge
Birch Zebrano
Tasmanian Oak African Golden Teak
African Rosewood Bamboo
Chengal IPE
Balau Accoya
Iron Wood  


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